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About Karena

I’ve been a Registered Reflexology Therapist since 2013. I am certified through the Reflexology Association of Canada. More recently I have been licensed as Reflexology Teacher to teach a certificate program. My license is also through Reflexology Association of Canada.

I am born and raised on Vancouver Island. Born on Cortes Island, and have moved back and forth from Comox to Victoria many many times. I am now settled in Comox with my husband, two boys. I have my dream studio in a private space on our property located  in Comox.

I came across Reflexology after my oldest son was born. He was born prematurely and as a result was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He started receiving treatments at a young age. What we found was that Reflexology soothed him and caused his nervous system to calm. Along the way we found many more benefits for him and the rest of the family - enough that I chose to complete the training.

What started as a self care strategy for my family has turned into an amazing journey helping others achieve increased parasympathetic activity creating a more balanced state of body and mind. 

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